A history of pipe system success

Since our establishment in 1994, epco has worked to supply many prestigious projects locally, nationally, and internationally – delivering pipe system expertise and products synonymous with quality, to our customers.

We’ve been requested to assist with lots of high-status and in many cases, innovative projects that have changed the way we think about our industry and the way we endeavour to supply our customers, ensuring we meet their needs every time and that their pipework projects, when supplied by epco are always a huge success.  

Below is a brief history of our company, some of our key moments and some of our proudest achievements.

Our Earliest Pipework Projects

From the very beginning, epco has been involved in some major projects. Very few projects have been as technically challenging as the "L'Aquarium" build in Barcelona. This was one of our earliest projects and one that we will always remember. The aquarium park is based in Port Vell, a harbour in Catalonia, Spain. There are 35 different tanks in total, which house over 11,000 animals and 450 different species of fish. There are around 5 million litres of water contained within this aquarium park, this requires huge amounts of our quality pipework to ensure the park operates properly. epco was chosen to deliver this due to our unrivalled pipe system expertise, our ability to supply the products from stock with quick delivery times and the range and high quality of our product offering.

As you can imagine, this project was a lengthy one and we are extremely proud to have been involved with such an important and large-scale operation. We provided quality PVC materials for many different elements of this project.

Our First £1M Turnover

We decided very early to focus on plastic pipework systems, and this enabled us to develop as a trustworthy supplier right from our very beginning. As a company, we offered products on an international scale in order to facilitate continuous growth. Just over a year after we started the business, epco achieved its first one-million-pound turnover. This was a fantastic milestone for the company and one we are extremely proud of.

Our New Offices in 2009

Fast forward 12 or 13 years and epco move into much larger offices and warehouse facilities in Leeds. We have over 45,000 square-feet here with substantial warehouse space too. We’re also able to boast a large yard with two loading bays and an integrated office. Our trade counter allows customers to come and collect their products from site and take advantage of our huge UK stockholding. This continuous growth and development is down to our expert team of dedicated specialists that have allowed epco to grow over the last two decades.

Our Biggest Achievement

Our biggest achievement to date is without doubt the Senegalese Faleme River pipeline project in West Africa. This project took place way back in 2009 but remains our single largest order to date, in terms of both cost and materials. The order was worth a staggering €2.3M and took 89 x 40-foot containers to deliver PE pipe product. In many ways, this was the biggest project that epco have delivered.

Let’s Make History Together

From plastic pipework in the L'Aquarium Barcelona to supplying plastic materials to Senegal and the rest of the world. We have been trusted with servicing our customer’s project needs for over twenty years now. It doesn’t matter whether our clients are in Yorkshire or outside of the UK, we deliver the exact same level of exceptional customer service every time and have grown our company to become a name in our industry that is now synonymous with quality.

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