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UK's leading Industrial Plastic Pipe Systems supplier.

Since its establishment in 1994, epco has become a major provider of high-quality U-PVC & ABS thermoplastic piping systems. Our industry expertise and commitment to meeting customers’ needs has paved the way for years of consistent growth and development.

Our success has been built on our highly skilled and dedicated team members, all of whom have an in-depth wealth of knowledge in industrial pipe products.

Our early decision to specialise in pressure pipe systems enabled epco to develop as a highly reputable supplier, offering products for both UK local, national and international requirements.

Our technical personnel can offer solid recommendations on product suitability across multiple pressure pipe system applications.

Our partnership with Comer - Italy, as their exclusive UK distributor, enabled us to bring the Comer brand to the UK market place. Working in close partnership, we ensure all Comer products are designed and engineered to the highest technical quality and specifications.

Today Comer is proudly one of the most widely used and trusted brands in the worldwide market place.

Chris Knowles

Managing Director & Business Development

Our Success

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epco's business development & marketing teams are always in pursuit of strategic opportunities.

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Our Facilities

Our 45,000 sq ft warehouse facility provides a substantial indoor & outdoor warehouse with yard, multiple loading bays, trade counter and office, suitable for our ongoing expansion plans.

Delivery Network

epco utilises a combination of delivery methods including its own delivery vehicle coupled with a number of local distribution consignment partners ensuring a consistent delivery schedule. 

What we do for our customers

Much of our success is founded on the success of our customers, to whom we endeavor to provide the highest level of service and attention to every detail.
We supply to both the commercial and industrial sectors including resellers, manufacturing, construction, production among many others.
We provide a comprehensive costing matrix for every type of client. From small to large scale businesses we aim to provide high quality products at attractive rates.
We provide a 12 month guarantee on all of our products.

Although we consistently endeavour to maintain stock levels, in some instances we may be low on a particular product. Simply contact us, we'll either release stocks, or we will provide you will a full lead time on our stock delivery. 

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